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Dispelling Five Common Myths about Tile Cleaning

Posted: Oct 02, 2013
Author: Proclean Properties Inc.

Myth #1: Bleach Is a Great Tile Cleaner

The first common tile cleaning myth has to do with bleach. While it has the reputation of being a great general cleaner, its value for tiles is a myth. Bleach, in reality, is a disinfectant. Because it has the ability to whiten surfaces and remove stains, many people are compelled to use it when trying to remove grout and tile stains or grime, but it doesn’t actually get the job done right.


Myth #2: Acids Are Safe for Tile Cleaning

Wrong. Acids are other standbys that many people use to resolve grout and tile issues, but in fact, they are problematic. While they might be effective in cleaning tiles, they are frequently used too often, or the strength used is too aggressive.


Myth #3: A Hard Brush Eliminates Stubborn Soiling

Not true. Using a hard, wire brush on grout lines can seriously damage them. Don’t use anything harder than a soft- or medium-bristled brush with a tile cleaning solution to emulsify the dirt, which can then be removed with a wet vacuum cleaner.


Myth #4: Mopping Is a Good Method for Grout and Tile Cleaning

Yes and no. It depends on how you mop. To do it correctly, you must use clean water, and more clean water to rinse. If you don’t, you’ll just swirl the dirt around on the surface and, once the tiles are dry, they’ll look grimy and dull again.


Myth #5: Leave Soapy Water to Dwell on Tiled Surfaces

Definitely a myth! While it might help to loosen the dirt, it’s a bad tile cleaning idea because the soap residue acts as a dirt magnet.


If you need professional tile cleaning in Central Florida, contact us at Proclean Properties Inc. Our cleaning experts would be happy to help your home or business sparkle again!

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